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Five Staple Bag Styles You Need In Your Wardrobe


An outfit wouldn't be complete without the right accessories and you can't go wrong with a staple handbag.

Handbags are versatile, stylish and more than just a fashion statement as they contain our most prized possessions, for the most part anyway...

Finding the right bag should be about matching style with function - knowing what you'll need the bag to do as well as how it looks on your arm.

handbag pink

Of course, we all have different senses of style and tastes when it comes to fashion and that is no different when it comes to handbags but there are certain bag styles every woman should own: bags for occasions, bags for travelling and bags for lugging around your bits and bobs on a regular basis.

Here we'll share some staple bag styles to have in your wardrobe so you'll always be ready to accessories your outfits, no matter where you're headed!

1. Crossbody

Michael Kors Bag

Ideal for a workday or a casual day out, a crossbody bag is a versatile style options to have on hand.

Check out this crossbody bag from Michael Kors in a classic black shade which is ideal for everything from a trip to the office to a night on the town.

2. Tote

Guess tote bag

Tote bags are great for everything from making your way through an airport with all your essentials to tucking away some bits you bought in the shop for dinner.

This sage green tote from Guess is a fabulous example of a tote bag that can also double up as a shopping accessory.

This stunning shade ensures you're on-trend while also providing functionality with its size.

3. Shoulder

Ralph Lauren shoulder bag

Make a fashion statement with a shoulder bag.

Shoulder bags are really having a moment these days, with the likes of Prada making the early 2000s bag style a fashion must-have once again 20 years later.

A shoulder bag that will never go out of style is this classic from Ralph Lauren in tan, ideal for everything from a brunch date to a work meeting. 

4. Clutch

Valentino bag

A clutch bag is the perfect fashion accessory for events and occasions, for carrying everything you need while still looking stylish.

If you're someone who loves matching your purse to your shoes, clutches are ideal as they come in a variety of shades in neutral tones. 

Plus, as they can look good with a variety of different looks, clutch bags are great for someone looking to be a bit more sustainable with their fashion choices.

This shimmering style from Valentino bags is perfect for special occasions, adding a touch of glamour to any outfit with ease.

5. Weekend

 Michael Kors bag

A weekend bag, also known as a 'hold all' is the perfect bag for someone who loves to travel.

Whether you're going for a weekend away with your other half or a city break, these bags will fit everything you need from pyjamas to hair straighteners with the added bonus of looking chic and stylish.

This Michael Kors bag is both practical and stylish and would work so well as a hold-all on a trip away.

So, there you have it, five must-have bag styles to add to your wardrobe to ensure you always have options for any occasion.

For more handbag inspiration and styles, check out our collection from all your favourite designer brands online here.

Until next time,

Hannah x

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