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Interior Inspiration – Master Bedroom

Who doesn't want that luxurious, hotel feel in their bedroom? I sure do! This week we've used the below picture from Pinterest as inspiration to recreate this look in your own home using gorgeous white bedding, along with emerald green, gold and champagne accessories... let's dive in!


First Things First

To begin the space, we have selected the Sheridan 500 Thread Count Soft Sateen Duvet Cover which is 100% Cotton. This will really give the luxury, hotel feel to your bedroom. We've selected Emerald green accessories, including the textured gold lamp from WJ Sampson and the comfortable statement chair from South Row.



Soft Furnishings

Next up we have selected complimentary soft furnishings to add to the space to make it more comfortable. Both cushions are from Scatterbox, and the throw is from Deyongs - all of these will work amazingly within this luxurious space.


Finishing Touches

Finally, we have selected from gorgeous accessories from our Home Department that will finish off the space. Both glass vases and the green candle from from the Ideal Home Range, and are a perfect match for the space with the green and gold elements. Next up we have selected the Impressions gold frame, and finally the amazing Leaf wall art from Mindy Brownes which is such a statement piece for any room.



-  Niamh x

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