Bridal Trends: What To Expect From Weddings in 2023

Bridal Trends: What To Expect From Weddings in 2023

Although weddings are considered a timeless celebration of love, bridal trends tend to change like the passing seasons.

In 2023, there are many trends to expect at weddings, whether you're in attendance as a guest, or a member of the bridal party itself.

From fashion to décor and accessories, here are some top bridal trends to watch out for in the months to come.

1. Bright Colour Palettes


Gone are the days of sticking to the traditional ivory and white wedding dress styles.

We're seeing more and more brides deciding to opt for more original and individual styles when it comes to their perfect wedding dress.

While white shades will likely remain the favourite for a long time to come, expect see more brides chosing blush tones and soft pink wedding dress styles in 2023, as we can see hints of in this Justin Alexander creation.

We're seeing broader colour palettes being used across the board at weddings from table decor to themes and even in bridal parties themselves, with more people choosing to go for a range of shades in bridesmaid dresses and groomsman suits and waistcoats rather than one specific colour for everyone.

2. Vintage-Inspired Dresses


Despite all the modern bridal trends around it seems throwbacks to classic styles are becoming more popular with 2023 brides.

With second hand style and vintage thrift shopping on the rise, the trend is now extending to wedding dresses, with brides-to-be choosing to wear styles made popular in decades past.

Expect to see more vintage-inspired wedding dresses this year, with flowing trains, delicate lace and intricate beading making a major comeback in the bridal world.

For example, this stunning ballgown-style Dando London dress with its high-neck and long sleeves perfectly incorporates vintage style with a modern twist.

3. Personalized Details

With many people keen to make their wedding memorable and unique, a focus on personal touches is also becoming more common.

In 2023, you can expect to see more brides and grooms aiming to make their wedding as personal as possible, be that through personalising their table settings or custom wedding favours.

Incorporating meaningful songs, locations and dates into your big day is a great way of sharing the journey of your relationship with your wedding guests and will no doubt add sentimental meaning and help make your day all the more special and unique to you as a couple.

This Widdop sign would be ideal for a personalised touch at a wedding reception, be that in a table setting or alongside a display of photos showcasing milestone moments in your own relationship.

4. Sustainable Weddings



Carrying on from the vintage wedding dress trend, sustainability will play a big role in many weddings in 2023.

Whether that means re-wearing a vintage wedding dress, opting for more eco-friendly wedding favours, or choosing locally-sourced flowers, sustainable weddings are going from strength-to-strength.

So whether you're getting married yourself or you'll be attending weddings throughout 2023, look out for more sustainable practices, vintage inspiration and bolder colour palettes in the coming months.

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