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Three Simple New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

New year, new me – but do we ever actually stick to it? A lot of the time we set unrealistic goals we can’t maintain and feel worse off than we did before. Here at McElhinneys, we are all about positivity. Small realistic changes that will make you feel good about yourself! So here are three small, simple new year resolutions you can make, and keep!

Selfcare is so important to maintaining our health. Usually, self-care is followed by the words bubble bath or pamper night. While these are great ideas, they are not always achievable on a daily basis. These are weekly self-care habits you should definitely take the time to do once or twice a week. However, there are small tweaks you can make to your daily routine to include more self-care that will have fantastic results in the long run. Here are three small things you can do everyday to revamp your routine:

1. Get The Best Sleep Possible

Add a sleep spray or pillow mist to your bedtime routine – leave a bottle sitting on your bedside table and spray 3-4 times on your pillow every night. Alternatively, you can add lavender essential oil to an electric diffuser. Both with aid your sleep & take minimal time. Tap the images below to learn more about each product.

2. Stay Positive

Hold on to your positivity. In the current climate, it can be difficult to find what we are grateful for. Keep a little pocketbook of upbeat quotes in your bag & read it when you feel overwhelmed. If you think you can commit to more, why not start a happiness journal & fill out one page a night. Discover quotes & exercises that melt away the busy thoughts of a full day. Customers have told us that it is what helps them unwind after a hectic day!


3. Invest in your Skin

Make your skincare count - We’re cheating with this one because it is two resolutions in one! When applying your skincare, take your time and massage it into your skin. Make it a relaxing and luxurious experience. Take it to the next level & make your skincare an eco-friendly experience. By switching to Skingrediants refill bottles you can reduce carbon emissions by 60.2% versus using the non-refill version of the products! It’s a win-win – tap the images below to make the change.


So there you have it, three small changes to your daily routine that will make you feel like a new person!

Keep an eye out on our socials for more ways you can become a new you without having to make any dramatic changes. Remember you can tap all of the images above to discover more about these products.

Until next time, Donna-Marie x

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