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For The Dreamers | McElhinneys Christmas Window 2021

McElhinneys are honored to unveil their Christmas window theme 2021 ‘For the Dreamers’ this Christmas. This year marks McElhinneys 50th year in business and has been a monumental year, more specifically for John McElhinney founder and CEO. John was recently awarded the Drapers Lifetime Achievement award. It is through John’s dream and passion that this store has grown into the establishment it is today. Our creative team took inspiration from John to create the  ‘For the Dreamers’ 2021 Christmas window.

“For the Dreamers tells the tale of a young dreamer who we first meet as they gaze out of their window to the moon where they dream of visiting one day.” The essence of this window is boundless imagination. In a world in which we have overcome so much in this past year we must strive to aim for the moon, and should we fall, we will still land among the stars. Fuelled with this energy our creative team got to work in making this out of world concept a reality. As always, every detail of the window was designed and created instore.


This year’s window has many specially considered elements to tell the story of a cosmic Christmas. Our young dreamer takes us on the journey of their fantasy of going to the moon. We begin by taking flight through the clouds and pass by Santa and his reindeer on their trip around the world delivering gifts. We get a peak inside the dreamer’s rocket ship & when we reach the moon we are greeted by Cuthberth the robot who is delivering some gifts of his own. There are hidden surprises in each pane of the window, like the family of mice who have mistaken the moon for a giant piece of cheese. This window is a sensory rich experience with the incorporation of a strong galactic background, lighting delights and an overlay of space sounds to really bring the window to life.


McElhinneys are delighted to unveil ´For the Dreamers’ after a year where hopes & dreams have been our greatest asset. To finish With many exciting ideas planned for 2022, McElhinneys are looking forward to a busy Christmas period. The store will now be open from 1:30PM – 6PM on the Sundays leading into Christmas. 2021 was a year of overcoming obstacles and immense growth for McElhinneys, and the store wishes to thank customers for their continued support.  

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