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Sleep – The Key Ingredient to Wellness

In honour of World Mental Health Day, we at McElhinneys want to give you the secret to a great nights sleep. A good night's sleep will only produce good things – more energy, decreased stress and an overall improvement in your health.

Unwind & Relax

How can you possibly sleep if when you are feeling tense? Finding the time to unwind will be the most difficult step, but also the most rewarding. We recommend indulging in your night-time routine and use quality products with properties that will aid stress relief. Be kind and have that bath! The Herb Dublin Wellness Box has been a customer firm favourite as both a gift for others or a self-care purchase.


Sleep Safe Spaces

Now that you have made the effort to unwind, create a sleepy ambiance. We recommend a salt lamp for this. Not only does it have healing properties, it will also give a gentle glow to the room – perfect for cosying up. Try adding some of the Jo Browne Sleep essential oil to a diffuser to really turn your bedroom into a zen heaven and to really take it to the next level give our Celtic Candle pillow mist a go. The feedback from our customers regarding this product has been outstanding!

Sleep Training

If you still can’t settle down into a slumber – we have something that we think will help you out! New to our shelves in McElhinneys we have in a new collection of self-help books each designed to help you overcome the worries you face. Have a look at some of the collection we have below.


We hope that these tips will lead to a more restful nights sleep! Remember if you see anything you like above simply tap to shop! This is only a selection of what we have to offer. Visit us instore or browse online to see our fantastic collections of bath-time treats, essential oils, candles & diffusers or pocketbooks filled to the brim with positivity.

Until next time, Donna-Marie x

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