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Create Your Own Coffee Bar

Our morning coffees have become a daily ritual and a staple in our kitchen. Now we are welcoming friends and family back into our homes, it is the perfect time to show off our barista skills.

Adding a coffee bar to your space is such a quirky feature and talking point for visitors. Here are some guidelines on how to create your own coffee sanctuary recreating the feeling of visiting your favourite coffee shop.

Step 1 - Pick the perfect spot.

 An area of your home that you can create your coffee shrine. The best place to start is with the base; console tables, side boards, empty worktop space is an ideal location for your new feature.  If you are limited for space, use a hostess trolley or small table to utilise the space you have. Here are some options that don't take up a lot of space:


Step 2 - Gadgets Galore

Add a touch of elegance and a vintage flair to your coffee bar by adding tones of gold, pewter and silver. These give your coffee bar personality; balance tying in all your coffee accessories and make for a perfect display piece. We have a fantastic range of coffee grinders and cafetieres available in-store and online. These pieces are functional display pieces that really dress your station.


Step 3 - Storage

Use shelving and hooks for additional storage above your trolley/table/worktop particularly if you have a small space. Multipurpose items like this Kitchen Craft mug tree which is flat at the back can placed against the wall. The pod dispenser also allows you to keep your space aesthetic and functional with minimal effort.


These coffee canisters are perfect for storage and have a bamboo lid , which will suit your theme. This gold lid mason jar ties in perfectly if you have gold accents throughout your coffee bar. Perfect for displaying cookies, sweets, or coffee beans.


Step 4 - Dress to Impress

Just like your coffee order make this space unique to your personal taste.  It is time to start dressing your bar when you have the essential gadgets to prepare your favourite coffee. There are no rules when it comes to dressing your bar, it should reflect your personal taste you can be as daring or as subtle as you like. This space reflects your style and the décor of your home. There are so many ways to make the space unique including a statement lamp, embellished frames for your prints, statement trays to hold your utensils and mugs. Here is what we found in-store to achieve this:


Step 5 – The perfect cup

Last but certainly not least, we have gone to all the effort to make our favourite coffee we now need the right cup. There is nothing quite like a fresh brew out of your favourite mug. This is also another way to make a statement to your station. We have many options to match any theme you wish to opt for:


Step 6 - Coffee to go

We all like to grab a coffee on the way to work, however it isn’t always practical. Bringing your own is a great alternative. These are a sustainable option to disposable plastic/paper cups and keep your hot drinks warm for much longer. This to me sounds like a work essential. These are also great for Sunday drives and picnics and act as your personal flask. We have them in a variety of designs to suit everyone.


That's all from me today, have a happy coffee!

Catriona x

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