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Interior Inspiration – How to Dress your Console Table

Console tables have evolved over the years to become the must-have home furniture, especially where space is a premium. Their shallow designs are perfect for narrow hallways, or for use as a small vanity, desk or storage space. Their shallow design can prove tricky for some to decorate, which is why we've decided to take the opportunity to show you how to dress your console table!

We loved the look of this gold console table that we found on Pinterest - so how can you recreate this look at home?

First Things First

To begin, we've selected this gorgeous gold console table from WJ Sampson. The gold design is bright, and the intricate leg design is sure to be a talking point in any space. The mirrored shelf will help to bounce light around a smaller area, and will help to create more brightness!

Larger Furnishings

To start we have selected a lamp from Mindy Brownes, and a leaf duo also from Mindy Brownes as feature pieces for our console table. We've also selected a star lamp from Belleek, and a glass vase from WJ Sampson that will tie the gold colour scheme together.

Smaller Décor

For smaller touches, we've chosen two decorative trays - the deep blue tray is from Mindy Brownes, and the gold marbled-effect tray is from WJ Sampson. These decorative trays are perfect to display smaller ornaments, or to use as storage for wallets, keys, masks - or anything you need to hand!


Finishing Touches

For those all important final details, we've selected the small gold planter from Kersten, the bumble bee sculpture from Mindy Brownes, and for the final touch the two notebooks from Peter Pauper and Legami. All of these little details will finish off the space to the last detail.


So, there you have it, how to dress your console table at home! Let us know in the comments if there are any other styling posts you'd like to see!

-  Niamh x

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