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Forecast – 5 Mens Trends for AW20

If you're already looking forward to the arrival of the New Autumn/Winter Season, then you're not the only one! We are so excited to have some new arrivals, so let's talk trends for the Season ahead, what can we expect to see in Menswear for the next couple of months?

1. Puffer Coats/Vests

The bigger the BETTER this year, Puffer Coats and Vests are a staple this Autumn/Winter. Stay warm and look trendy with an oversized style, or opt for a colour that is out of your comfort zone for a whole new you. Functionality is just as important as fashion sometimes, which is why this trend is perfect for our colder months ahead!

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2. Hues of Blue

Pantones Colour of the Year 2020 is dominating styles this Autumn, and the freshness of blue is popping up all over. You'll find lots of great options in t-shirts, jumpers, accessories and even footwear - so you can wear as much or as little as you feel like. Blue is a great colour for Irish skin tones, so make the most of this trend that is so easy to incorporate in to your wardrobe this Season.

3. Striped Sweaters

Easy to wear, easy to style and you're sure to find colours that suit your wardrobe, stripes are back this Season. For Autumn/Winter be sure to look out for trendy and cosy Sweaters in contrasting shades of red or blue, or go more traditional with navy, green or burgundy. These pieces are fantastic for layering, with a button-down shirt underneath, or your favourite coat layered on top. Style them casually with jeans and runners, or pair with trousers and boots for an elevated look.

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4. Trendy Trainers

Comfort and style, what's not to love? Trainers are going nowhere this Season, or anytime soon! This year, why not treat yourself to a new style to add to your rotation, to pair with your favourite denims and rock for Autumn/Winter.

Credit: https://outsons.com/7-trainer-trends-to-watch-out-for-in-2018/

5. Utility Styles

This trend is back with a bang, so don't pack away your utility favourites just yet. An easy way to wear this trend is to incorporate the shades of khaki, green and brown in to your wardrobe, and for a trendy look why not try cargo pants, utility vests, either small or oversized and padded, or accessories including large pockets and statement zips.

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-  Niamh x

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Forecast – 5 Mens Trends for AW20

07 August 2020

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