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Trend Alert – Statement Sleeves

On paper statement sleeves shouldn’t work. You would expect them to be awkward, unwieldy and above all, unflattering. And yet they have dominated almost every catwalk this season. That’s because off paper, they do work- and are here to stay!

A statement sleeve is the perfect way to spice up any outfit. Worn correctly, your sleeves can be your entire outfit. The fiercer the better! The sleeve detail on this gorgeous Lavish Alice jumpsuit elevates it from simple to stylish with minimal effort needed.

For the more tentative of us, a subtle billowy sleeve is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the trend. This simpler iteration of the trend is just as stylish and gives any outfit a summery, boho feel. Here we have chosen a few dresses which, when paired with a summer wedged heel, sun hat and your favourite pair of sunnies, showcase this trend perfectly.

When experimenting with fashion trends, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Combining trends keeps your outfit looking fresh and funky. This fab blouse from Vila encapsulates multiple trends at once with a puff sleeve, sheer organza material and animal print design. It is the perfect top to dress up or down.

Frills and ruffles are back in full force this season and this ties in perfectly with the statement sleeve trend. Frill sleeves add a certain girly glam to any dress or top. One of our absolute favourite brands at the moment, Sister Jane, has fully embraced this trend in order to achieve their signature vintage look. These gorgeous blouses from Sister Jane are perfect examples of how a frill sleeve can enhance any look.

There are so many versions of the statement sleeve, there is sure to be a style to suit everyone. Don’t be afraid to go as subtle, or as dramatic, as you want!

-  Niamh x

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Featured Image: Tenindvr

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