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10 Work from Home Desk Essentials

Almost overnight, thousands of people have had to transition to Working from Home, some for the first time ever. Under the circumstances, this change has not been the easiest, so I commend all of you who have made this move and are finding ways to cope and manage these uncertain times.

Having a good Work from Home setup is really important so you can make the most of your working hours. Everyone will have a different 'ideal' work environment, but we think that these 10 items are a great step in making your WFH desk feel like a very productive and motivating space.

1. Hand Cream

Now more than ever your hands need as much TLC as possible. The constant use of hand sanitizer, harsh soaps and vigorous washing will take its toll on your poor paws, so be sure to treat them whenever you get a chance. I would recommend having a bottle of hand cream on your desk at all time, so you can rehydrate throughout the day.

2. Seat Cushion

Nothing will take away concentration quicker than an uncomfortable work-setup. If you haven't got the most comfortable chair, try adding a seat cushion underneath you and behind your back for more support, which will in turn help your posture and prevent slumping.

3. Water Bottle

Keeping up water intake is vital every day, so try to make it easy on yourself by keeping a bottle to hand on your WFH desk. This bottle from Chillys can keep your liquid cold for 24 hours (FYI - it also keeps liquid hot for 12 hours) so you're guaranteed a refreshing sip every time!

4. Motivational Wall Plaque

It may seem silly, but motivational quotes are more powerful than you'd expect! Hang a plaque or print on the wall above your desk to remind yourself how hard you are working, and to help you continue! I love this plaque from Amilie Designs which reads 'Carpe Diem' which is Latin for 'Seize the Day'.

5. Flowers/Plants

There is a lot of be said for inviting nature in to your home, and a great addition to any desk is some flowers/plants. Whether you opt for faux or real is up to you, but I love this textured vase from WJ Sampson which would be the perfect home for whichever you choose.

6. Diffuser

Surround yourself with a gorgeous scent with a Diffuser, just like this gorgeous Bamboo one from Jo Browne. This machine spreads the scent of your choice throughout a room, reducing dust and helping to purify the air - which is a great idea to keep in your home office space.

7. Comfortable Shoes

It doesn't have to be a pair of slippers (but these babies from Sorel look particularly cosy!), but a comfortable pair of shoes will definitely help keep you grounded throughout the work day.

8. Reusable Coffee Cup

Maximise your caffeine intake and minimise risk of spillage, I jest. This lovely coffee cup from Chic Mic is made from eco-friendly bamboo, so every time you use it just remember you are saving the world from another disposable cup, and that certainly seems like good work motivation to me! Did I mention it's also dishwasher safe?

9. Hydrating Face Mist

No need to let your skin suffer during lockdown. Treat your face to a hydrating mist, like this Refreshing Face Mist from Inglot. Infused with peach extract, it refreshes and moisturises dry and normal skin - simply spray directly on to bare skin or spray over your makeup for a hydrated glow.


10. Notebook

All of my best work comes from a great notebook, and this 'And She Never Gave Up' lined notepad is the perfect motivational reminder to keep you going! With 256 lined pages, there is oodles of room to jot down notes, lists and everything in between.

-  Niamh x

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Featured Image: Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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