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8 Steps to an Organised Wardrobe

Spring is the perfect time to clean your home, and one job that most people don't undertake very often is a Wardrobe Clear-Out. Here we have outlined 8 practical and simple steps you can take to achieve a more organised wardrobe for the Season ahead.

1. Give Yourself Time

The best advice we can give is to resist the urge to start a clean-out after a long day or long week at work or school. Be sure to set aside a couple of uninterrupted hours that you can get the whole job done, and done properly the first time around. Trust me, there is nothing worse than leaving a job like that half-done and trying to come back to attempt to finish it!


2. Take Everything Out

The first step can sometimes be the hardest, but a must-do for a proper clean out is to remove everything from your wardrobe. By being able to actually see all the clothes, shoes and accessories you have collected over time, you will be able to understand how much you will need to remove in order to make the most of your wardrobe space. It is also a great exercise in unearthing hidden gems you may have forgotten about!

3. Clean Your Closet

Before even starting on the clothes, make sure to freshen up the areas in which your clothes live by hoovering/mopping the floor, dusting shelves and rails and cleaning the space thoroughly. This will help reacquaint you with the space available and you'll be able to visualise how best to reorganise your closet.


4. Yes or No

Examine each piece of clothing individually and decide whether its a Yes or No - this will be the biggest task of the clear-out. If you are getting rid of clothes, please consider re-selling on consignment apps (such as Depop or Facebook Marketplace), donating to a local charity shop, or if they are unfit for use then dispose of them. If you're struggling to decide then you can create a 'Maybe' pile which you can revisit later.

5. Accessories & Shoes

Don't forget that once clothes are sorted, you still have shoes, belts, jewellery and more to organise which is just as important to clear-out. Use the same system as you would for your clothing and try to only hold on to pieces you get use from regularly.


6. Tackle the 'Maybe' Pile

It is important to know exactly what is going back in your wardrobe before you start to return things to their place. If there are pieces you're unsure of, you can use a couple questions to help you make decisions - for example a great place to start is - do you love it? Do you wear it? Does it make you feel good to wear it? If you answered yes to these questions that you can confidently add it back in to your wardrobe.


7. Adopt Organisation Practices & Storage Solutions

The goal is to return all items to your wardrobe in a way that makes sense to your usage and makes the best use of space available. This can mean the addition of storage baskets, over-the-door storage solutions, boxes, etc. A space-saving initiative for smaller wardrobes can be to store seasonal items in vacuum bags which you can swap about each Season. Keep items

8. Maintain Your New Look

This is not an immediate step you take, however a vital measure in keeping your space as organised as possible. Set yourself cleaning dates and re-organisation dates so that you can make the most of this big job, and ensure it wont be SO big next time!

-  Niamh x

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Featured Image: A Tidy Mind

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