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8 Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer 2020

We may be currently feeling entrenched in Winter, however we are thinking to the Season ahead and wondering where fashion will lead us in the coming months as we celebrate our Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Launch Weekend.

In terms of footwear this Season there are a number of key shoe trends emerging this year that you will be seeing throughout the next few months. There is no doubt that other, smaller mico-trends will appear, however we’ve identified the 8 key trends that we think will dominate this Season.

  1. Loafers

Several Seasons ago, loafers rose to popularity and seemed to taper off, however, they are back to dominate again this Spring/Summer! This classic shoe has gone through a 2020 transformation, and is no longer the plain, trusted pair in your wardrobe. The difference this year is that they have the cool-girl seal of approval, with unique detailing, metallic accents and various patterns and textures, these can now become the statement style in any outfit.

  1. Minimalist Mania

Sometimes less is more, and footwear this Season you can be as plain or bold as you decide. Minmalism designs can feature a plain or open top of shoe, but with an asymmetrical twist, including heel details or other unique designs.

  1. Espadrilles

If you’ve been looking for a fashion-forward way to wear Espadrilles, this is the Season you’ve been looking for. Designed with everything from thick platforms to embellished straps and jewel details, these are created to wear with anything from your favourite Summer dress to your trusted pair of denims.

  1. Platforms / Block Heels

70’s fashion is emerging as one of the biggest trends of the Season, so it’s no surprise that footwear has followed suit. Platforms have been spotted all over runways, with everything from jewellery flatforms to open-toe sandals and raised brogues – there are plenty of ways to style this fun trend!

  1. Slingbacks

This classic silhouette is back in popularity, and we feel this is one design that is absolutely timeless. Essential in every wardrobe, this stunning style is great as your staple shoe, or have a little fun by opting for a pop of colour.

  1. Western Ways

It’s the Season to let your boots do the talking as Western goes bigger and better! These Maximalist boots are coloured, embellished and are the statement of your outfit… if you like to have fun with fashion then don’t miss this trend!

  1. Two-Tone & Toe Caps

While there are plenty of new colour trends for the Season, a bright, sunny tone is one that we are seeing lead the way in Footwear. The combination of contrasting colours can be seen from sneakers to luxe leather options, these endless style options are compelling us to wear these bold hues in new ways.

  1. Colours to Covet

In Footwear this Season the Big 4 trends for colours are Sunny Shades of yellow and orange, Metallics of gold and silver, Pastels of all shades, and Earthy Colours featuring a palette of warm, natural colours of tan, creams, green and beige with leather and raffia detailing giving life to this this urban aesthetic.


So as you can see, there are lots of amazing trends emerging for the Season ahead, and you can be as minimalist or as bold as you prefer this Spring/Summer as there is something for everyone!

-  Niamh x

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