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Interior Inspiration – Make a Splash

January is a great time to refresh your space to get ready for the New Year ahead, starting with a spring clean, de-clutter and perhaps even a spot of redecorating. This Spring we see a gorgeous trend of the muted tones of blush pink, combined with a splash of teal and stunning gold accessories. This beautiful combination is sure to revitalise your room, and reinvigorate your mind for the start of the new decade!

First Things First

Enjoy those precious hours of sleep in a crisp white nest with the white Appletree Duvet Cover Set. This set is made from 100% cotton, and the design features a dotted pattern which adds texture, while keeping the luxurious feel. We have also selected these stunning blush pink curtain from Aura, which will frame your windows beautifully, without adding too heavy a colour to your space.

Add a Splash of Colour

Keeping in with the blush pink and teal from our inspiration images, these gorgeous cushions from Scatterbox will add a splash to your bedroom. The designs include a velvet fringe, a textured velour, and the paint-inspired print, which will all add texture and depth to the white bedding.

Make a Statement

These standout styles from South Row are the perfect compliment to fill your space. The teal chair with gold accent legs would make for a beautiful makeup station seat, or perfect to create a reading nook. The Harriet 9-Mirror wall decoration will help to draw your eye, and will bounce light around the room to open up the space even more.

Finishing Touches

Add some finsihing touches that tie in with your colour scheme. This gorgeous Sharon McDaid Painting is sure to draw the eye with it's bold colours and fabulous design. Finish with a striking gold vase from South Row and this sleek photo frame from Impressions to display some memories that you hold dear in your space.

-  Niamh x

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Featured Image: Pinterest - Flipping Houses Australia

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