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4 Men’s Trends for Autumn/Winter

Guys, stay on trend this Autumn/Winter 2019 Season with our new arrivals to our Mens Floor and online. Some of the key colour trends we've identified this Season might already be in your wardrobe, and if not we have lots of trendy options to take you through the year.

Back to Black

Monochrome lovers rejoice as black is back for Autumn/Winter. Brands this year are going back to staple colours, and from the pieces we've chosen you can see that logos are also really on trend - from big branding to small designs.

Winter Blues

Blue is a year-round staple in every Mans wardrobe, but definitely more so for the second half of the year. Darker hues are on trend for the next couple of months, as the pastel colours of Summer become less popular.


Burgundy, wine, oxblood... whatever you want to name it, it's the colour you need to be wearing this Autumn/Winter Season. This colour suits so many people, which explains the popularity, and is great to match with dark denim, black or brown colours.

Military Green

Embrace the dark khaki colour this Season with this on-trend look. Green has been a huge colour of the year already, however we're moving in to a new hue for the Autumn/Winter Season with this dark green look.

-  Niamh x

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16 July 2020

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